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Sallyann Thomas

Licensed sales agent & Licensee in charge
Sallyann Thomas

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Sallyann Kennedy doesn't take "no" for an answer. She believes that with the right creative solution and out-of-the-box thinking she can achieve the best possible outcome for each and every property and client. And she has the experience to prove it.

Real estate has been a constant presence in Sallyann's life. She grew up watching her builder dad renovate homes, and later proved herself as a savvy renovator.

Through years of practical, hands-on experience, Sallyann has developed a deep understanding of the challenges that face homeowners and investors, whether you're selling in a buoyant market or are facing tougher market conditions.

Before making the decision to run her own agency, Sallyann specialised in helping fellow investors recover distressed properties. Whether that meant organising vendor finance, repairing investor cash flow, or a number of other recovery strategies, Sallyann developed a range of tools that she continues to use to help her current clients achieve their property goals.

Sallyann also knows that property is about more than numbers on a page. She understands that there is often a lot of emotion tied up with
selling your home, and she
has the rare capacity to empathise and offer genuine compassion and patience to all her clients.

That emotional connection also drives Sallyann to go beyond and above the call of duty for each and every client. She believes there are no boundaries to her role as a real estate agent, and will move mountains to ensure all the needs of her clients are fulfilled. Awards

* Agent of the Year - Wuchope 2021
* Agency of the Year - Wauchope 2021